Saft BA5590, BA5590A/U, BA5590B/U Military Battery

Saft BA5590, BA5590A/U, BA5590B/U Military Battery
Saft BA5590, BA5590A/U, BA5590B/U Military Battery
Item# BA5590

Saft BA 5590 B/U, BA 5590 A/U, BA 5590 HC (High Capacity)
 Li-SO2 primary battery system, a battery for various military applications (see below)
The battery that will ship is the BA-5590 B/U

Saft BA5590B/U Specifications

  Chemistry: Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (Li-SO2)
  Battery Case: Plastic
  Contacts: 6 Position Connector

Electrical Characteristics 12 Volt mode 24 Volt mode
 Maximum OCV 15 Volts 30 Volts
 Nominal voltage (at 500 mA) 13.5 Volts 27 Volts
 Cut-off 10 Volts 20 Volts
 Typical capcity +21˚C / +70˚F
  (at 2 A discharge current)
15 Ah at 12 Volts 7.5 Ah at 24 Volts
 Operating temperature -40˚C to +71˚C / -40˚F to +160˚F
 Storage (Recommended max) +35˚C / +95˚F
   (Possilbe) -40˚C to +71˚C / -40˚F to +160˚F

Physical Specifications
  Width (mm/in): 62.2 / 2.45
  Height (mm/in): 111.8 / 4.40
  Depth (mm/in): 127.0 / 5.00
  Typical Weight (g/oz): 1000 / 35.3

Key features
  Li-SO2 primary battery system
  10 LO 26 SX cells connected in 2 groups of 5 cells in series providing 2 nominal 12 V
   sections at connector.
   These sections can be connected in series (for 24 V) in parallel (for 12 V) or used
   as two separate 12 V units.
  A non-replaceable fuse is incorporated in the negative leg of each series group of cells.
  A normally closed high temperature switch or thermal fuse is incorporated into each series group
   of cells to protect against overheating.
  A diode is incorporated into the positive leg of each series group of cells to prevent charging or
   flow of current into the battery.
  A device consisting of a manually activated pull tab and resistors designed
   to discharge the battery to 0 V is built into the battery.

Typical applications
  AN/PRC-104 Radio
  AN/PRC-113 Radio
  AN/PRC-117 Radio
  AN/PRC-119 Singcars Radio
  KY-57, KY-65 Encryption Set
  REMBASS Remotely Monitored Battlefield Surveillance System
  PLRS Position Locator and Reporting System
  RT-991 Buoy Radio
  RT-1175 Buoy Radio
  AN/TAS-4A TOW Night Sight

 NSN: 6135-01-036-3495
 NSN: 6135-01-070-3865
 NSN: 6135-01-438-9450
 NSN: 6135-01-439-9450
 NSN: 6135-01-499-3516
 NSN: 6135-99-485-3034
 NSN: 6135-99-749-7054

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