Saft LS14500 C / LS14500C - 3.6 Volt 2700mAh AA Lithium Battery

Saft LS14500 C / LS14500C - 3.6 Volt 2700mAh AA Lithium Battery
Saft LS14500 C / LS14500C - 3.6 Volt 2700mAh AA Lithium Battery
Item# LS14500C

NOTE: The following announcement was made in September of 2009 by Saft Product Manager Nicolas Paquin.
Unified LS cell series
1. Products concerned:

  LS, LST and LSG 3.6 V Li-SOCl2 small bobbin cells of the ˝ AA and AA formats.
2. Description of the changes made:
   Until know, the small Li-SOCl2 bobbin cells manufactured by Saft were coming with different names
   and specific technical and commercial documents (datasheets, standard specifications, etc.). As
   everyone knows:
   - the LS cell models (LS 14250, LS14250C, LS 14500, LS14500C), are made in Poitiers-France,
   - the LST cell models (LST 14250, LST 14500), are made in South Shields-UK,
   - the LSG cell models (LSG 14250, LSG 14500), are made in Zhuhai-China.
   After a series of developments, the size and performance of these cell models have been
   harmonized. They are now interchangeable in dimensions and capacities with 1.2 Ah for the ˝ AA
   cells and 2.6 Ah for the AA cells.
   Following this, and starting September 2009, the above “T” and “G” suffixes will disappear and the
   concerned batteries will all bear the same generic “LS” name.
   At the same time, the cells produced in Zhuhai and South Shields will reach nominal capacities of
   1.2 Ah and 2.6 Ah. The cells produced in Poitiers have been using this harmonized design since
   August 2008.
   Considering the narrow performances reached between the new generation of the standard cells
   compared to the C version, the LS 14250 and the LS 14500 cells in their new generation appear as
   the natural successor of the current C version.
   Please note that the “Unified LS” ex-LS/LST/LSG cell series have in common, regardless of the
   factory they are being manufactured at:
   - the same prefix name: LS
   - the same chemistry (Li-SOCl2), the same construction (stainless steel envelope with bobbin
     electrodes inside) and the same electrolyte,
   - the same outside diameter
    (1/2 AA and AA:14.44 ± 0.11 mm)
   - the same overall length
   - (1/2 AA: 24.65 ± 0.5 mm, AA: 50 ± 0.3 mm)
   - the same declared nominal capacities
    (1/2 AA: 1.2 Ah; AA: 2.6 Ah), obtained under the same conditions,
   - the same declared recommended maximum continuous currents
    (1/2 AA : 35 mA; AA : 50 mA),
   - the same high standards for quality and production reproducibility and traceability
   - The same product documentation (data sheets, standard specifications).
…and no other differences?
At sleeve marking level: In addition to a unified design and safety information, the Poitiers-made LS will stilldisplay a “Made in France” marking, while the South Shields and Zhuhai ones a “Made in UK” and “Made in China” marking, respectively.
4. Date of effectiveness of the change:
   September 2009, with a new Selector Guide, Datasheets and Standard Specifications to be released
   on the ExtraSaft.
   Please note that, if all the unified untabbed ˝ AA and AA LS cell models will be available from the 3
   Saft production sites, some cell finishes (CNA, FL, 3PF, etc..) may just be available from one or two
   locations.No changes regarding the P/N.
Comments or Questions:
Saft-Poitiers +33 (0)1 49 93 17 50

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