Saft LO43SHX, 3.0 Volt, 5 Ah, Primary Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (LI-SO2) 5/4 C Spiral Cell

Saft LO43SHX 3 V 5Ah Lithium (LI-SO2) 5/4 C Spiral Cell
Saft LO43SHX 3 V 5Ah Lithium (LI-SO2) 5/4 C Spiral Cell

Saft LO 43 SHX, 3.0 Volt Primary Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (Li-SO2)
   Saft Part Number 37430101


  •   This is a special order product, the manufacturers minimum order is 4 cases (400 cells)
  •   The average lead time for this battery is 16 - 18 weeks ARO

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  • LO43SHX STS Specifications
     Cell Size: 5/4 "C" Spiral cell
     Voltage: 3 Volts
     Capacity: 5 Ah
      Diameter: 25.6mm (1.01")
      Height: 58.5mm (2.30")

      High and stable discharge voltage
      Superior pulse capability
      Performance not affected by cell orientation
      Long storage possible before use
      Ability to withstand extreme temperature

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