FDK CR-1/3N-FT, 3V, 160mAh, Lithium Battery w/3 Pins Formerly Sanyo

FDK CR-1/3N-FT, 3V, 160mAh, Lithium Battery w/3 Pins <i>Formerly Sanyo</i>
FDK CR-1/3N-FT, 3V, 160mAh, Lithium Battery w/3 Pins Formerly Sanyo
Item# CR1-3N-FT
Min Quantity: 

Sanyo CR1/3N-FT 3 Volt 160mAh Lithium Battery with 3 Pins (2 Pins Pos - 1 Pin Neg)
 Formerly Sanyo
(see notice below)
CR1/3N Specifications
 Battery Cell Size: CR1/3N, Camera
 Voltage: 3 Volts
 Capacity: 160mAh
 Termination Style: 3 PC Pins (2 Pins Pos - 1 Pin Neg)
  Diameter: 0.46" (11.7mm)
  Height: 0.43" (10.9mm)

This battery will be shipped as described above
The 2 Pins installed on the Positive post and standard 10 mm spacing center to center And the 1 Pin installed on the Negative post.

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February 16, 2012
JAPAN - FDK Corp (FDK), a majority owned unit of Fujitsu Ltd acquired the entire share capital of SANYO Energy Tottori Co Ltd (Tottori), an Iwami, Tottori- based manufacturer of lithium battery from Sanyo Electric Co Ltd. Note that these Sanyo products will may be labeled as FDK.

Please note that any of the items listed below may now have the FDK markings on the battery, the specifications are listed on each items webpage.

Also, some products may no longer produced, if this is the case we apologize for any inconvenience and we will remove the page or place an alternative suggestion for you to consider.

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