Okuma BT542786 / E5503-867-001 PLC Replacement Battery

Okuma BT542786 / E5503-867-001 - Sanyo Cadnica 12N-1700SCK Battery
Okuma BT542786 / E5503-867-001 - Sanyo Cadnica 12N-1700SCK Battery
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Okuma BT542786 / E5503-867-001 Sanyo Cadnica 12N-1700SCK 12N-1600SCB
  14.4V, 1700mAh Replacement PLC Battery

One Source Batteries is the Original company that brought you a reliable replacement for
this Okuma PLC battery!

 Voltage: 14.4 Volts
 Capacity: 1700mAh
 OEM Part number E5503-867-001, 20400NSC-C
  The part number we will ship is E5503-867-001


  • This is the replacement battery pack for the Sanyo Cadnica 12N-1700SCK - 14.4 Volt 1700mAh Battery Pack
  • This is also the replacement pack for the Okuma Okuma 20400NSC-C battery
  • One Source Batteries assembles this pack in USA using Genuine Panasonic (Sanyo) Cadnica batteries, the exact same connector as the OEM pack
  • This is NOT a Chinese replica, please be aware of cheap knockoffs
  • Our packs are assembled in the USA with Genuine Panasonic (Sanyo) Cadnica cells just like the original Okuma pack.
  • Note that some competitors extremely low prices reflect they may be made with inferior cells

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