Odyssey ODS-AGM470FTT, PC1800-FT AGM Sealed Non-Spillable Battery

Odyssey ODS-AGM470FTT, PC1800-FT AGM Sealed Non-Spillable Battery
Odyssey ODS-AGM470FTT, PC1800-FT AGM Sealed Non-Spillable Battery
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Odyssey ODS-AGM470FTT, PC1800-FT Battery - 12 Volt 1800 Cranking Amps, 214 Amp Hour

Note: Because of the weight the ODS-AGM470FTT is sold in Pallet Quantities only
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Odyssey ODS-AGM470FTT Specifications:
(Formerly Part Number PC1800-FT)
  • Voltage – 12 Volt
  • May be used in parallel
  • 214Ahr@20/hr rate - 190Ahr@10/hr rate
  • Reserve Capacity: 475 min. @25 amps
  • Weight: 133 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 138 lbs.

  • Dimensions
     Length: 22.1"
     Width: 4.92"
     Height: 12.44"

  • Terminal: 3/8” Stainless Steel Stud
  • Cranking Amps: 1800 PCA, 1600 HCA, 1450 MCA, 1300 CCA
  • Short Circuit current: 3800 amps.

  • ODYSSEY® Batteries has introduced a new rack mount sealed valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery that provides deep cycles performance and enormous cranking power in one battery. The ODYSSEY® PC1800 military grade battery provides long duration deep discharge power with an incredible 475 minutes of reserve capacity at 25 amps, and the ability to generate 1,800 pulse cranking amps for engine starting. The PC1800’s rugged construction makes it ideal for heavy duty deep cycle applications such as Fire and Rescue vehicles, Marine, Refrigerated Trailers, RV Motor Coaches and Surveillance Vehicles.
    Using pure-lead technology, the new ODYSSEY® PC1800 has up to a 15 year float life and lasts up to 10 years in engine-start applications. The sealed Drycell™ construction prevents external venting, which eliminates terminal corrosion and results in high charge acceptance, increasing the vehicle's alternator and starter lifespan. Also due to its sealed construction, the PC1800 is certified non-spillable by US DOT and IATA for unrestricted, safe and can be mounted and operated in any position. ODYSSEY® is explosion proof, no other manufacturer can make that claim, and provides years of safe operation.
    Employing a rugged military construction; the same design used in armored vehicles, it offers superior vibration resistance and durability, while providing high performance operation. This durability is backed by a limited 3 year full warranty (full replacement) against premature failure due to factory defects, material or workmanship, the longest warranty available in the industry. The new 12-volt ODYSSEY® PC1800 is designed for standard 23 inch battery racks but may be mounted in any orientation.
    ***Ideally suited as an auxiliary battery in overland campers, caravans and 4X4 trucks