Enersys Cyclon 0810-0102 6 Volt 2.5 AH, 1x3 Battery Pack w/Fast Tabs

0810-0102 Enersys Cyclon 6 Volt 2.5 AH, 1x3 Battery Pack w/Fast Tabs
0810-0102 Enersys Cyclon 6 Volt 2.5 AH, 1x3 Battery Pack w/Fast Tabs
Item# 0810-0102

Enersys Cyclon 0810-0102 6 Volt 2.5 Amp Hour Battery
    Formerly Hawker Energy
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      Part #: 0819-0103
      Type: Sealed Lead Acid
      Voltage: 6 Volts
      Capacity: 2.5 Ah
       Configuration: 1X3 - 6 Volt, D Cell
      Terminals: 0.187" Fast-On Terminals
       Length: 2.75"
       Width: 4.48"
       Height: 1.81"

    Product Description
    Hawker Energy / Cyclon Monobloc, Hawker D cells use a sealed construction providing long service life, rugged construction, extreme temperature performance, fast recharge, high discharge rates and low internal resistance. Can be added together to get higher voltages and capacities.
      - High rate charge and discharge capable
      - Extreme temperature performance (-65C to +80C)
      - Pure lead-tin construction - low internal resistance
      - Long cycle life - up to 1500 charge/recharge cycles

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