0809-0012 Enersys Cyclon Monobloc, 6 Volt, 5 AH, Battery

0809-0012 Enersys Cyclon Monobloc, 6 Volt, 5 AH, Battery
0809-0012 Enersys Cyclon Monobloc, 6 Volt, 5 AH, Battery
Item# 0809-0012

Enersys Cyclon Monobloc 0809-0012 6 V 5 Ah Battery


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  • Specifications
      Chemistry: Lead Acid
      Voltage: 6 Volts
      Capacity: 5.00 Ah
       Length: 5.48" / 139.20mm
       Width: 2.12" / 53.80mm
       Height: 3.02" / 76.70mm
       Weight: 2 lb / 0.91 Kg
       Shipping Weight: 3 lbs

    Enersys Cyclon 0809-0012 Single X Cell battery construction uses a patented, starved electrolyte system, providing numerous advantages including long service life, rugged constructions, extreme temperature performance, fast recharge, high discharge rates and low internal resistance. In addition to the standard cylindrical configurations, 0809-0012 Cyclon cells offer a high degree of flexibility to meet unusual requirements and can be configured in an infinite number of designs to meet your precise voltage and amp hour requirements.

    • Design life: 15 years at 20ēC (68ēF)
    • UL recognized
    • Approved for shipping as non-hazardous, non-spillable
    • Operates in any position

    • Telecommunications
    • UPS
    • Emergency lighting
    • Medical equipment
    • Aerospace
    • Defense
    • Global positioning systems
    • Solar
    • Electronics

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