CR17450E-R / CR17450E-RL PLC Replacement Battery

CR17450E-RL / CR17450E-R PLC Replacement Battery
CR17450E-RL / CR17450E-R PLC Replacement Battery
Item# CR17450E-R

CR17450E-RL / CR17450E-R PLC Replacement Battery

GE Fanuc 3 Volt, 2400mAh Replacement Battery for:
  A02B-0200-K102, A98L-0031-0012
  CR17540SE-RL, CR17540SE-R and
  Le Blonde 77 CNC Router

Type: Lithium
Voltage: 3.0 Volts
Capacity: 2400 mAh
Size: 0.68" dia. x 1.82" tall
Contacts: Wire Leads Connector

GE Fanuc Automation A02B-0200-K102
GE Fanuc Automation A98L-0031-0012
LeBlonde CR17450E-RL
LeBlonde Model 77 CNC Router
Sanyo CR17450E-RL
Dantona LITH-46
Interstate A55DELTA
Interstate LIT5110
Newark 25C3891
Sanyo 17450ER-CX

For Use With...
Le Blonde Model 77 CNC Router

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