Power Sonic Chargers

Power Sonic Chargers
SLA Battery Chargers
Operating Characteristics “A-C” series chargers are new “switching” type devices which operate without the use of transformers. I.C.’s control and regulate current and voltage and automatically switch from the higher fast charge voltage to the lower float voltage when batteries are very close to being fully charged. At the float voltage it is safe to leave the battery connected to the charger indefinitely, making charging pretty much fool-proof.
In the fast charge mode voltage goes up to 2.45V +/- 0.05V before switching, in the float charge mode voltage is held between 2.25- 2.30V/cell.
This charger is ideal for cyclic applications where recharge time is critical and timely charge termination cannot be counted on. This charger ensures optimum battery performance & service life.
Power-Sonic offers a wide range of I.C. based switch mode chargers for sealed lead acid batteries.

 ITEM    MODEL    Description    Voltage    Rating    Cords  
 6500ACX   PSC-6500A-C   PSC-6500A-C Chrgr; 6V500mAh    6    500 mA    Yes 
 61000ACX   PSC-61000A-C    PSC-61000A-C Chrgr; 6V1000mAh    6    1 Amp    Yes 
 12500ACX   PSC-12500A-C    PSC-12500A-C Chrgr; 12V500mAh    12    500 mA    Yes 
 121000ACX   PSC-121000A-C    PSC-121000A-C Chrg;12V1000mAh    12    1 Amp    Yes 
 124000ACX   PSC-124000ACX    PSC-124000ACX Chrg; 12V 4000mAh    12    4 Amp    Yes 

Power Sonic Chargers are specially ordered to your specifications.
Please email our Customer Support staff to see which charger is best suited for your charging application.

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