DigiTrak ® Supercell ™ Double-C Lithium Battery

DigiTrak ® Supercell ™ Double-C Lithium Battery (50)
DigiTrak ® Supercell ™ Double-C Lithium Battery (50)
Item# CC261020H_50
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DigiTrak ® Supercell ™ Double-C Lithium Battery (50)

DigiTrak ® Supercell ™ Double-C Lithium Battery for Horizontal Drilling Transmitters & Locators Transmitter Battery for:
  • DigiTrak Eclipse Tracking System
  • DigiTrak LT Locating System
  • SuperCell Lithium Battery
  • DigiTrak Mark IV

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 The minimum order for this price level is 50 pieces
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$ 28.00
25 to 49
$ 26.00
50 to 74
$ 23.00
75 to 99
$ 21.00
100 +
$ 18.00
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CC261020H Specifications
 Nominal Voltage: 3.6 V
 Type: High Capacity lithium thionyl chloride
 Nominal Capacity: 17 AH
 Size: DoubleC-H
 Nominal Current mA: 200 mA (note 1)
 Pulse Current mA: 800 mA
 Mass: 108 grams
 Size: CC 26.2 mm dia x 98 mm long

 • From 2.2 to 6 times the capacity of two C cells in series
 • Much better voltage that holds-up during discharge
 • Extremely long shelf life-up to 20 years
 • Welded steel shell, cannot leak

 • Peak currents are not as high as alkaline C cells, but are great for most purposes such as trench-less transmitters.
 • Cells cannot be charged under any circumstances without danger of explosion.
 • Ships using UPS Ground services only, we will not ship these batteries via "Air" service due to Hazardous Materials requirements.

Our Non-rechargeable lithium batteries have over twice the voltage of alkaline cells, this "Double C" battery is a single cell, twice as long as an alkaline C cell delivering the 3.6 volts required to properly operate your DigiTrak® and DitchWitch Sondes.

For use in:
These Primary Lithium Batteries are for trenchless sondes and transmitters from DigiTrak® and other companies using double C lithium batteries, DCI Sonde batteries, Sonde Lithium Batteries, Drilling supplies batteries, sonde beacon , drilling beacon cells, directional drilling, lithium sonde battery, beacon lithium battery, drilling beacon battery, directional drilling lithium battery, directional drill battery, drilling supplies, boring machines, boring tools, vermeer equipment, drilling rigs, directional drilling, trenchless drilling, horizontal boring, hdd drilling, digitrak locators, Ditch Witch beacons.

Replacement for:
  DigiTrak® Supercell™
  Electrochem 26-99-150MR Series: 4339
  HDD Power Cell